Be A Mentor: A Partnership for Success

How do I know if I can be a mentor?

Everyone can be a mentor, as each person walks a journey with experiences. Mentoring is sharing those valuable lessons learned and experiences with others.

To determine which area you want to mentor, you might ask yourself a few questions:

  • Any lessons learned from my career path that I can share?
Have I faced challenges being single, married with children, married without children, sibling issues?
Have I had experiences that I can share from a health problem or nutrition or workout successes?
Where am I in my spiritual walk? Do I have learnings that I could share with others to help them grow?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can be a mentor.

Expectations of a mentor

  • Listen to their concerns/challenges/questions.
Agree upon a mutual time and method for connecting and be on time.
Be fully engaged when meeting with the mentee.
Offer your experiences regarding their needs and help them think through other solutions.
  • Be vulnerable and open when sharing, so they know that you can relate to their situation.
  • Give the gift of feedback when actions are planned out and once completed .
  • Offer other resources to help them.
Have fun

Are you ready?

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