The Wright Mentor Match: How It Works

The Wright Mentor Match

Mentoring can offer opportunities for collaboration and problem-solving through life challenges.

Many people view mentoring as a top-down activity where a seasoned professional advises the young and inexperienced, yet, in today’s economy, ‘mentoring up’ and peer-to-peer mentoring are more important than ever.

Our FREE Mentor Matchmaking Program is designed to pair those in need of guidance and support with those who can help across a variety of life areas.

Our program makes mentor/mentee matches based on experience, preferred communication styles and other personalized criteria to ensure a positive and productive relationship.

How It Works


Once you join our free program, Vicki Wright will match you with the right mentor or mentee based on the information you provide.
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After the match is made, you both will be notified and given contact information so you can set your mentoring schedule and how you will conduct your sessions. Mentors and mentees can meet or communicate in person, over the phone, by video chat, or through text and email. Frequency will depend on the mutually agreed upon schedule.


In addition to being a part of an amazing mentoring network that allows you to benefit from international knowledge, experience and connections for personal and professional aspects of your life, both mentors and mentees also have access to a wide variety of resources and networking opportunities to increase education and development as well as continued support from our growing community.

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